Real Estate Law – Abuse of Mold Lawsuits Inevitably Ends Up Hurting the Weakest of Our Population

Many lawyers that specialize in mold lawsuits in real estate claim that they are helping the people who live in these properties from disease and sure death. That’s rather silly if you think about it because humankind has always lived around the mold. Humans used to live in caves and I’m sure there was mold there, don’t you agree? Mold has been around for a lot longer than Human Beings, and we have learned to live and evolve all along side of it.

One very unfortunate thing that happens to people that own rental properties is that one of their tenants will claim that there is mold on the property and file a complaint with either a government agency and/or through a private lawyer. The lawyer has a team of friends who will come and inspect it and they will file a case with the court. Even if it’s a small bit of mold, that can easily and quickly be cleaned up, it can cost the landlord hundreds of thousands of dollars, not only in legal fees but also in ripping out the walls and replacing them.

Then the lawyers works very hard to call the landlord a slumlord and destroy his personal credibility and character in the local media. It is a disgusting thing that goes on, but in the end, the people who are hurt worse are the poor people because there are fewer landlords willing to risk their neck and buy properties to rent out. They simply exit the business knowing that it is not worth the risk and go away.

Fewer landlords and rental properties means the price goes up and that means the additional cost causes the standard of living of poor people to go down. I hope they’re happy now. Please consider this.

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